The plan is a look at the future and the ambitions of the Council, to respond to future changes in the future in the and how the community deals with that change.

Vision for Mickle Trafford & District Neighbourhood Plan. As at September 2019. For those of you who are not familiar with ‘The Neighbourhood Plan’ it is a look into the future as to how the Parish may change and adapt accordingly.
If we are able to visualise and forecast how our community will face those changes we can plan ahead, rather than deal with them as they arise.
Please feel free to respond to this Parish Council initiative by contacting The Parish Clerk at Email: 1. The distinctive character of the villages will be maintained and enhanced. The villages will evolve and expand only in a way which respects and reflects the views of the community.

2. Mickle Trafford & District is a rural parish separated from adjacent urban areas by Green Belt.
It is characterised by trees, hedgerows, some woodland and water courses flowing to the river Gowy and thence to the Mersey Basin.
There are open spaces within the more densely developed housing estates as well as the Jubilee Park and a network of public rights of way, which
provide opportunities for recreation and leisure and valued by the community.

3. Local residents’ value the distinctive quality of the area and are keen to preserve and protect it for future generations. They wish to enhance the available
community facilities. They wish to encourage local businesses and attract new businesses that are in keeping with the area.

4 The Neighbourhood Plan will therefore aim to sustain and promote local businesses and the wide range of community facilities including the Primary School,
Churches, Pubs, and Village Shop & Post Office.

5. People recognise the need for small scale housing development over the Plan period. It should be in keeping with the character of the villages, and
carefully controlled. Any development will maintain and enhance the form of the villages, retaining the vital open spaces and open views and vistas
as well as preserving existing trees and hedgerows and not encroaching on open countryside.

6. Any new housing should meet the needs of people living in the area or with good cause to move into it. It should be affordable for the young or provide
for older people wishing to downsize without leaving the villages.

7 This L.N.P. aims to deliver this vision, looking forward to 2030 and beyond, to reflect the views set out above, and other issues raised by the community.

We believe that the developing Plan will be in general conformity with the principles and policies in the C.W.a.C. Local Plan and will allow our residents to have a legal
status in the planning process as indicated in the Localism Act 20011.

Author: David Rowlands: Local Parish Councillor.