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Dear Dog walkers,
As Webmaster I have been asked to include this appeal for those of you who like to
roam the local fields that you respect the closure of some fields due to cattle
health reasons. These fields were not ‘a right of access’ status but were a
‘permissive access’ and that permission has now been withdrawn.
This is clearly a hot local topic, and has become a immotive local issue. We suggest
you look at the statement by Huw Rowlands in the latest issue of Highways & Byways
where he clarifies his reasons for the decision taken.
This is private land which means any encroachment will be an act of trespass.
Thank you for your cooperation.
John Taylor. Webmaster.

If you want information included here send it to John Taylor at johnsmail@talk21,com or call me on 01244 300759.